Good Things - January 2020 To Do List

For those of you with our mini watercolor flowers calendar, fresh & fruity square calendar, or mini Good Things calendar, it’s time to prop open your new calendar to the month of January!

It’s a new month, a new year, a new decade! Can you believe 2019 has passed by?

Each month, we (at the Good Things Studio) set a theme for the month and a few tangible goals that relate to the theme. These goals also try tie in healthy, mindful, learning, or social practices that enhance or enrich our daily lives. If you’re up for the challenge, join in and tag us @hellogoodthings to share your progress and successes!

 January 2020 To Do List

This month’s theme is “Joy”. What are the things that bring us joy? What are the things that bring smiles to our faces? How can we bring joy to others and in turn bring joy to ourselves? We want to focus in on the small and daily things that make it a Good Day.

 January 2020 To Do List

  • Declutter & donate. With all the lovely gifts we get from the holidays (and maybe all the sales we take advantage of), it’s a great time to look through our homes and find things that we can donate.
  • Try a new soup recipe. With the chilly winter weather, let’s all warm up and try a new soup recipe!
  • Choose a morning to sleep in. There’s something special about cuddling in bed and taking an extra hour or two to recharge. (I’ve already chosen Sunday, January 5th to turn off my weekend alarm.)

Do you have other things you have planned for the month of January or the 2020 year? Comment below and share your goals with us! We want to know how you plan on improving this year. Do you have some suggestions for future goals? Email us, we would love to hear your thoughts! And maybe, we just might add it to our future lists! Also, check out our last monthly  challenge.

Have a great January, my lovelies!