Recipe Alert! Banana Banana Bread

By August 15, 2017March 11th, 2021Good Food
Banana Banana Bread

One for me. One to share.

Why do we need a more banana-y banana bread?

More and more, I meet people who hate bananas. (What’s wrong with you?!—Just kidding!) But I noticed that all these folks are just like me—we don’t like bananas plain, but we love it in cream pies, bread, and splits! These days, my unused and so-ripe-it’s-black ‘nanas become delicious and easy-to-share-with-friends Banana Bread!

The Recipe

After a short weekend stay, my aunt left a bunch of bananas in my fruit bowl. While I’d already had a go-to bread recipe, I wanted to find another that allowed me to use more bananas. That’s when I stumbled on the New York Times Banana Banana Bread recipe! Not only is the doubled-up fruity sweetness on point, but so is the cinnamon sugar pecan topping! This baked treat is quick to make, an hour to bake, easy to eat, and the perfect morning or midday treat! And if you haven’t celebrated a friend yet, why not try making two loaves like I did!