Hello, August! Calendar

It’s time for August, ya’ll! For those who have our calendars (or any calendar), whether it’s the mini Good Things, Mini Watercolor flowers, square Fresh & Fruity, or the downloadable bookmark calendar… turn to your August month cards!

Each month, we (at the Good Things Studio) set some goals/things to do that will in some way or another, add joy and peace to our lives. If you’re up for the challenge, please join us for the:

 August To Do List

  • Start getting up 30 minutes earlier. Because school season is around the corner, the roads will be congested. Get an early start and avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic!
  • Call an old friend. In light of National Friendship Day (8/6) and Just Because Day (8/27) —pick up that pen and write a note, send that text or email, or dial those digits and tell a friend that you’re thinking of them!
  • Get a new outfit. With summer season ending, it’s time to freshen your wardrobe with a new outfit (or two). While you’re shopping, you might be able to snag some of the summer sales before the fall season clothing hit the shelves.


Do you have other things you have planned for the month? Comment below and share your goals with us! Have some suggestions for future goals? Email us, we’d love to hear your thoughts—and we just might add it to our future lists!